I recently stumbled on to a new Roku channel, NokNok. Now there are many unpublicized Roku channels, but this one caught my eye. NokNok can stream online programming from ABC, CBS, and NBC through Roku devices. So if you’re a cord-cutter, you can watch full episodes of network shows on your television.

NokNok claims to give you “the ability to watch, listen, and share all type of movies, music, shows, pictures, and more — easily, in comfort on existing TV’s, and devices like your phone, or game players, DVD players, as well as the new media players and internet TV’s. NokNok creates a bridge to ‘normalize’ all the different formats, layers of complexity and unifies the interface on all your playable devices.” But I want to focus mainly on NokNok’s streaming capabilities.

Here’s how to add the NokNok channel to your Roku device: First, sign into your Roku account here. Go down to the “Manage Account” section and click on “Add a private channel.” From there type in the code NokNokDLNA. Next you’ll need to create a NokNok account to link your device. Once your Roku is activated, you’ll notice that the interface is not exactly user friendly. NokNok is in beta, so it’s really clunky at this point. Scroll over to the “NokNok Settings” icon and click it. Then go to “Setup Wizard.” Click on “Transcoder” then “NokNok Cloud.” Click “Make Active.” Now you’re ready to add channels or “plugins.” Go to the “NokNok Cloud” icon, click it, scroll over to “Setup Wizard”, click that, and you’ll see icons for plugins. Add some plugins (The ABC, CBS, and NBC were the first ones that I added), go to and click on the “My Plugins” icon, and you’re ready to stream.

Again, there are some kinks in NokNok that need to be worked out. The biggest annoyance is having to watch what seems to be 15 minute long movie trailers before each program starts.  And what’s even more annoying is to sit through one of these long trailers only to find that the channel or show you selected is unavailable. So channel surfing through NokNok is really frustrating. However, NokNok promises major updates in the future that hopefully will fix these problems. But if you can handle a few glitches, NokNok will deliver full episodes of big network shows (as well as many other shows and channels) through Roku pretty well.

According to the NokNok website, NokNok apps are also available for several other devices including the iPad, Android devices, and Google TV.

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7 Responses to Watch ABC, CBS, and NBC Shows On Roku? Here’s How

  1. Jim says:

    Hi David,

    Glad I ran across your site, (googling noknok). Been ‘beta’ testing with them since early 2011. They were fully activated with Roku this past late spring and had a bit of problem and took down site. Since then, they have been available thru the ‘private plugin’ route…but only in the ‘beta’ format. So, most of platform is still not working properly or even activated.

    Most of us, (faithful followers) have now been told that the relaunch, (out of beta) back to Roku, hopefully will take place in late spring early summer ’12. Altho, we have heard that type of reply for well over a year.

    The idea is well overdue, and now timely, (with all the PV to TV media merging)so, keep your fingers crossed.

    If you would like to message me, i can give you, (easy non-tech) answers maybe on something. Like ‘what in the world’ is the ‘countdown clock trailers’. Remember, most items on platform are still not working. Best, Jim

    • Shelley says:

      Hi, Do you know if anything on Noknok works? I just put in on my new Roku & when I try to open any of the programs to check it out, I cannot get it to work. There is a cloud transcode SD 850Kb M3U8 that is on the screen & when I choose that to get it to open I get an error message saying An unexpected problem had been detected (-3). Please let me know if you know anything as I am totally new to all of this. Thanks!

  2. j says:

    tried this 3x now. inspired that you got it to work. still nothing ever works on this program beta or not. I can get screen shots of shows but never able to watch anything at all

  3. Most of us, (faithful followers) have now been told that the relaunch, (out of beta) back to Roku, hopefully will take place in late spring early summer ’12. Altho, we have heard that type of reply for well over a year.

  4. Jim says:

    Re: j

    Sorry you have some trouble. I have been doing a bit of ‘beta testing’ since last early spring. noknok has had a up-down bunch of problems getting the platform finished. At this time all of ‘home-info-contact-support forums’ have been closed since 12-15-11, (not a good sign).

    I might be able to give you a few answers to your trying some of the sites. Just post a comment. I am visiting Davids column a couple times a week.

    Many of the noknok sites are just not yet activated. If you were trying to dl a movie by clicking on a poster icon, it may be a site that requires ‘transcoding’ and needs to go to storage site first. The MP4 movie site is available directly from your screen. A few of the RSS feed sites are working, tho very few. The’live streaming’ channels are all mostly down/closed. noknok was doing a URL workaround system, so as each person could add a channel they chose.

    The reason, (as David mentioned) about why the ‘clock countdown went into a preview trl) prior to subject material, is that because of cloud transcoding, a buffer of 1-2 minutes was required to make a smooth entrance into main material.

  5. WayneH says:

    I installed NokNok and get errors trying to add channels. It says they may be already installed. Nothing in my plug-in folder. NokNok was clearly done by a bunch of tech people. One of the pages says “Choose what plugin to sue.” Sue? Do they mean use? As you said, not user friendly at all. So far, I haven’t got it to stream anything. Will keep trying and hoping for a more user-friendly update soon.

  6. Frank says:

    I added noknok but everything that worth looking at I get invalid errors.

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